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TireMate™ TPMS Solar Tire Pressure Monitor System

TireMate™ TPMS Solar Tire Pressure Monitor System

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    A one of kind, highly accurate wireless tire information gauge that gives you a LIVE reading of tire pressure, temperature leak warnings + BUILT-IN ALERTS all fed directly to your dashboard.
    A must-have for car, caravanning/trailer users and especially any off-roading enthusiasts. Everyone knows that driving on a flat tire is the worst thing for it and even for your own safety. Now you can be alerted of any abnormalities immediately, address the issue much sooner and potentially save yourself from any serious damage!
    With TireMate™, you are able to potentially turn a "trip-ruining experience" into a quick fix and finally have the peace of mind that your tires are at the right pressure at all times, without needing to get out and check them by hand!

     Never get out to check your tires again

    With TireMate's state of the art pressure reading technology, fed directly to your peripheral vision, you'll never need to get out and check your tires ever again.

    IP67 Water Resistance

    Working in any environment, from a racetrack to driving through meter deep water. Made to withstand all conditions.

    A must-have for anyone who goes off-roading

    This is you without TireMate...

    "Dave, did you let the tires down for the sand?"
    "No idea mate, I thought you did it"
    "Yeah I did it before, but I thought you put them back up?"
    "Ahh, just grab the tire gauge and go have a look would ya."

     Built-in Alerts & Warnings

    Driving on a flat tire is VERY UNSAFE!
    Become immediately notified of any leaks, high temp, abnormal high/low pressure so that you can address the problem before any serious damage is done.
    You will now be aware of damage to tires that could have happened hours earlier into the day immediately and you'll simply be able to swap or repair tires before they become unusable.

    Never charge it

    TireMate uses solar energy to stay fully charged all the time, works even if experiencing cloud cover. You also have the ability to charge via USB, just in case. Wheel sensors come with a 2 year-long battery that can easily be replaced.

    Information right where you want it

    Clean, clear and precise, right in front of your eyes.


    Easy to setup & easy to use

    5 minutes is all it takes to install and get everything functioning perfectly, no maintenance required.


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